Conquest of Brundisia Primus: Legions Imperialis Event (Friday)

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The system of Brundisia is a major agricenter that was used throughout the Great Crusade to feed the billions of fighting men and women of the Imperium’s war machine. Once Horus’s rebellion began, this system was instrumental in maintain the readiness of loyal Exertus soldiers attempting to slow the conquests of the main hosts of Sons of Horus and Death Guard. With the forces of the Warmaster finally ready to siege Terra, Brundisia’s vast nutritional resources are equally as valuable to the traitor forces. Horus Lupercal orders the capture of the system. However, the forces loyal to the Imperium will not let it go without a fight. Conquest of Brundisia Primus event will comprise of at least 2 Legiones Imperialis games at 3000 points. Games will be narrative driven and thus armies must be fully painted with era appropriate models. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to email me ( Loyalists vs Traitors, with individual victories going towards the teams overall score to determine how quickly the Traitor forces can capture the primary world and feed their treacherous warmachine or how much of a butcher’s bill the Loyalists can force upon them. The results of Friday’s games will shape the course of the games on Saturday. Special Note: The points limits stated to can be modified if both players agree.

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