The Conflict at the Governor’s Palace Apocalypse Battle and Legions Imperialis (Sunday)

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With the entire system of Brundisia aflame with conflict, the Loyalist move in for a swift coup d’état. On Brundisia Primus, the rebel leaders are meeting within the Governors Fortress to devise a counterattack. Loyalist forces amass and lay siege to the palace, to end the Traitor hold on the planet. A battle of enormous scale erupts surrounding the palace as all the remaining forces on the world converge on the capital city. The Conflict at the Governor’s Palace event consists of two parts: an apocalypse battle and an adjacent Legiones Imperialis mega battle. For apocalypse, bring all your biggest and most deadly weapons and primarchs. Players will fill out as many 2000-point lists as they would like, as long as they have all the models necessary to field them. Force organization charts are not going to be used in this event and there is no restriction on unit type. The amount of lists a particular player can bring to the battle will be determined the day of. Multiple lists will help to balance teams evenly. This event will use a target priority tier system. This means, if you should wish to bring primarily infantry, titans and super heavies will be far too busy engaging with each other to bother with lesser targets. There will be need for units of all sizes in this event. Reaction limits will also be modified. For Legiones Imperialis, bring as many or few formations as you like, but ideally have between 1000 and 4000 points available. This will be a large scale team game, with a few modified activation rules. The two game systems are battling over the same territory and thus will have multiple ways to interact with each other. To ensure a smooth and fun game for everyone, this event will be moderated by an EO.

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